How should I take Manuka Honey? 

You can take Manuka Honey directly from the bottle, measuring out 1 tablespoon in the morning.  If you wish to further boost your immunity, you can take another tablespoon at night.  Manuka can also be mixed in with yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies, and other beverages.  Manuka Honey can also be mixed with lemon and warm water for a soothing drink. Note that enzymes are destroyed above 47C and hot water may destroy the antibacterial activity of Manuka.  

Does Manuka Honey expire? 

Manuka Honey has a shelf life of about five years, but can last even longer with proper storage.

How should I store Manuka Honey?

Manuka Honey is best stored in your pantry or cupboards, away from direct sunlight and where temperature is between 10-20C.

Is Manuka Honey vegan? 

No, Manuka Honey is sourced from the honey produced by a living insect and therefore cannot be considered vegan.

Does it matter where Manuka Honey is sourced?

The best Manuka comes from New Zealand.  Within New Zealand, there is a high concentration of producers in Kerikeri, two hours North of Auckland, which is where we source our Manuka from.  While there are companies offering Manuka Honey from countries other than New Zealand, it is important to verify product authenticity as there is always a chance that the products are falsely marketed as Manuka Honey, but are not.

How do I apply Manuka Honey on my skin?  

You can apply a thin layer of Manuka Honey directly on to clean skin and let it sink in.  After five to ten minutes, rinse it off with water.